Mother's Day in Bloom

In tribute to all Moms, Mother's Day in Bloom is a mini-game full of kindness and humor

Slide finger on the buds to make them flower. Harvest the precious nectar to complete the level

Chain up the flowers to improve your score and win the Golden Lotus, discover the animated surprise cards ;)

Mother's Day in Bloom is a free indie mini-game for mobile / desktop / web

Happy Mother's Day, everywhere, any-time <3

Version 1.3 live on App Store (2015-06-26)

An update in bloom for Mom <3
• new in-game effects
• improved interface


Version 1.2 live on App Store (2015-06-16)

A surprise in bloom for this new update ^^
• new animated artwork
• optimizations for older devices
• technical improvements

Mother's Day in Bloom, initial release (2015-05-30)

Happy French Mother's Day <3