Geometric Nymphéas (2016-05-28)
(Click / touch the pool to spray some water lilies)

This experiment is about modeling some wave effects, and flowers for the Mothers' Day in France ^^

I was initially inspired by the wind blowing on wheat fields, with its waves smoothly bending the cobs like water would do. It led me to the famous painting "Les Coquelicots" from Claude Monet

Then I designed a simple model to propagate waves on rectangle pieces of textures. The suggestion is good enough but doesn't work with the wheat :'(

Monet saved me again with its famous "Les Nymphéas", with their nice ripples upon the pond. My model better fits with the behaviour of this kind of waves. Humbly, here is a geometric version ^^

A lot of display objects are used in this model (greedy) but it's also a good test ^^' In the process, I favoured the simplicity of creating and building the sources, and pixi.js digests it effectively