"Sky is clear tonight" (2016-05-22)
(Click / Touch the screen to move around)

Fly above the skies, straight to the horizon. Let yourself drift after a flying platform that straddles high atmosphere clouds. Far below, the earth rests into a peaceful darkness, while the air is filled by the dawn

This experiment is about modeling and manipulating some vanishing point effects. It was originally designed to test some technics for the virtual pad, but I spent all of my time to toy with geometry ^^ So the control remains anecdotal, and a simple AI drives the platform if you don't

For the stream of clouds, I use a simplified conical perspective. You can review the geometric model designed to do so (see cons the 3 graphics). It gives a realistic scrolling

I also added a cloud motif behaviour, which, with the effect of speed, creates a wave texture animation

The curving effects when the camera moves are cheated, but it gives a good feeling of dynamism (some algebraic tricks)

The platform uses an homothetic representation I've already managed in some previous developments. I had some issues to deal with the skews, but it's ok ^^

This is the 4th demo I build using Haxe + pixijs for HTML5. My expertise with this technology is limited, but I have to admit it gives some good results for what I am aiming ^^ I am eager to deal with a next demo !