"CGArt deco" (2015-03-31)
(template game interface,
navigate through menus)

This interface is a cross-platform template for mobile/tablet/web/desktop mini-games, based on my recent experiences with GlobZ and my personal experiments

It's simple, but integrates a set of nice features, it's a good starting point to build a game :
- adaptive interface : landscape / portrait
- responsive interface
- externalised localized texts (detects french, or default is english)
- high render quality, whatever the resolution
- manages memory usage
- simple user experience
- user-friendly contents with a title-card before starting the game, and in-game help button / popup

I spent some time on the graphisms, i used a modifed CGA 4 colors palette ;)

I was inspired by the art deco style and the work of the Sixtits artist

Dithering compositions allow me to test the rendering capacity on different media

I hope it's ok, these are place holders, i will reuse this skin ...