"Salade de fruits" (2016-06-01)
(Drag the chef to make him pick up the asked ingredients)

This is a prototype for a classical collect game. Fruits are scrolling down and you need to grab the ones that the chef is asking. It's part of a program to learn the english language, so fruits names are said in english ;)

The study is focused on adjusting the pace of the fruits, and also on the assets packaging. The experience was time limited, so no score or time counters, nor chains or combos

The game lasts for 60 seconds : two phases of 30 seconds, with a short break between. 1st with three columns of fruits, 2nd with five columns of fruits

The difficulty curve is progressive. The more you progress into a phase, the more fruits are generated. The complexity is getting higher as the pool of fruits increases over time. Time also increases the overall pace.

There's also some works around controlling the random behaviours, to guarantee a regular pace of good items, or manage subsets of fruits

(The Pili Pop company owns the game assets : game background, fruits, voices and sound fx, character)