"New-York USA" (2016-04-24)
(Click / touch the map to navigate,
hold down to scroll the map,
double click / tap to change zoom)

Navigate on New York map and check the message at the "focus point" (!)

This is a prototype of a navigation interface you could meet into a game (ie: level selection)

The exercise has been built into a demo so that it could better meet performance and design issues you should solve in real condition ... but also because I had fun to adjust some details, like clouds or mixing some chorus from Gainsbourg ^^

More technically, I had to specialize the behaviour of my sprites engine to manage zoom / dezoom, nice tool update. There's some work around displaying a window on a large bitmap, with different qualities to improve the processing

Interesting experiment, this is a good starting point to design upgrades (like specific device ergonomics, more effects like bouncing on limits, smoother rendering, ...), or adjust it for an imaginary game ... we'll see ^^

(the map drawing belongs to the artist Katherine Baxter)