Grid (2016-04-19)
(click / touch the game space to draw)

This is a prototype for a level editor. You can select a motif and draw it on the stage, or pick the eraser to sharpen your shapes

The editor is focused around the wall patterns. The motif you draw adapts itself to its surrounding motifs. Items are merged to build a single shape (technic used in GlobZ's Pokaboo, I worked on a prototype in the early 2000's)

The editor is aimed for a platformer game. The walls have a weird perspective (testing) to help the scene to be settled on top of the walls. It creates a funny effect of inverted volume, as if you were observing some motifs of moon's pits / footprints from too close :)

Edition is quite basic. I would add the ability to drag the patterns you painted, or adjust some other things ... still it's funny to toy with and build your own Rorschach inkblot test ^^

Yet another HTML5 prototype. This time I used pixi.js + Flump which packs the graphical assets into atlas and json descriptors. Quite a lot of works, I am reassembling my engines and processes for Haxe ^^'