"Eternal Wheel" (2016-10-30)
(touch the screen in order to make the decor scroll)

This demo presents a staging test, with an animated game situation. The decor stops scrolling at steps where the game takes place.

"At molecular scale, explore an elementary reality, a struggle between matter and antimatter. Through bosons interactions, raise your molecule and achieve the next level of fusion !" :D

I'd like to design a game with physical interactions. This would take place in a microscopic scenary, with atoms and particles. This leaves a lot of space for imagination.

It also recalls very large scales, like stars and galaxies. This leads to the idea of cycle, like an eternal wheel. I try to propose a "fractal" mechanism to illustrate some kind of progression into a cycle.

This progression will help the game concept a lot. It's also time to adjust color palette, quite hard :s Colors also help to design game mechanisms (background, main ground, bonus / malus, ...)

Here, a previous color test :

Technical note : this demo uses a pixi-Flump mod to support pixijs v4. This is quite handy to toy with animation :) But, there seems to be too many animated layers, it's too harassing for mobile devices, the in-game animations need to be flatten... more work... <3