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Collide (2017-02-06)
(Pull atoms in order to
eject photons)

A few time units after the Big Bang, matter and antimatter are quite equally represented. They can annihilate each other, and thus nothing would come from this chaos. But here and there, matter manages to aggregate. It might be the seeds for a brand new univers...

Prevent the blue atoms of matter from being vaporized by colliding with red antimatter particles.

On a touch screen, or with a mouse, pull atoms in order to release few photons. They will disintegrate antimatter, or deflect tiny matter particles, sending them bounce everywhere. Try to pull several atoms at the same time to throw large volleys of photons! :)

"Collide" is a gameplay prototype based on a former work about a molecular environment. From this point, I wanted to build a toy to experiment some convincing game situations. This gives a lot of ideas, to create some behaviours and interactions, or to design more global game mechanics.

I needed to produce the intermediary states for the interactive particles. "generate", "high", "low",... I think I gathered enough :) Some are animations, some are programmed effects. First time I tested the pixijs particle displayer, a good opportunity I guess :)

The flow of particles is based on a model that consumed my time. Even if I knew it wasn't crucial, it annoyed me so much! :) The model leads to a 3rd degree equation, it took me aeons to realize the bug wasn't in the model, but in the solver ^^

For sound effects, I use LMMS (great free software to create music effects). There's a low scale, an electrical bass punch which represents impacts. The light sounds, represents photon excitation. Every sounds are tuned in a pentatonic scale, let's hear the echoes of creation! :'D