"Stormbringer" (2015-06-28)
(tap / click screen to generate a storm)

Looking for a model to generate storm clouds : an alchemy experiment, combining generative mechanisms, in order to achieve the holy formula of the mini storm :)

I started from a "branching" model. Several experiments to get a pattern that recalls the honeycomb texture of the clouds. That did not work, my results are too "crystalline". Finally, I came across a new growth spiraled model that I enjoyed. It reminds me of the Akatsuki's motif, so cool ^^

To make the animation of lightning, I propagate a flash effect on the fractal recursion. For sound design, deaf rumblings that echo the bang of lightning. I try a color palette to evoke the rain. I look for an active but discreet presence, a compromise ^^

A simple random behaviour generates a storm from time to time, so that you can sit back and relax ^^

This experiment is optimized to be integrated into a game. I have lowered the complexity and the quality to some point it should run ok, but further tests are needed to validate. Still, this is a funny toy ^^