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Scaffolding to Heaven (2016-07-03)
(In order to steer the cat,
slide your finger to a direction,
or use the arrow keys)

Cats always land on their feet. Full of confidence, Major Cat strolls on a scaffolding which is so high that you would lose its sight into the above night

It's up to you. Choose climb down, or upward ^^ This demo is about steering the cat. The touch pad gameplay is the point of this experiment :) (keyboard also enabled)

The idea is very simple and classic, slide your finger to a direction, like a virtual pad. Without the physical feeling of a game pad, it's a bit different. I try several layers of simple algorithms to smooth, temporise, neutralise, manage cases ...

The gameplay benefits from being free of a pad anchor point, you can take control of things from anywhere ^^ I hope it's intuitive and precise enough

With this demo I gathered a lot of my previous works about platform games and bring them to HTML5, handy toolkit \o/ Another interesting prototype with pixi.js + Haxe

Beware, the parallax effect is too greedy for low cost devices. Sorry ^^ HTML5 will run better and better over time ;)

(keyboard inputs don't work from this page, please try this location)