Carpe Diet (2016-10-01)

Jump on platforms to rapidly collect some fishes. Earn medals for your best chains, and set new records.

A cat is exploring a chimeric decor, and tries to grab the fish scattered on the stages. Some believe that a red carp brings fortune, be sure to catch them so that you benefit from a funny boost effect !

Carpe Diet proposes a polished gameplay of classical 2D-platformer genre.
Use arrow keys (or WASD), or slide your finger on the touch screen to climb up/down the structures.

When you collect fish, you want to build the best chain of carps. With this score, you may unlock the mighty "Red Carp" medal :)
The challenge is progressive, for the first fish you have plenty of time to get the next one, and lots of bonus.
There are intermediary rewards so that you can train your cat skills.

Carpe Diet is a free mini-game for web browser, please just go to this url to play :
(or play the iframe version below)
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I built this indie game with some great free javascript libs, like pixijs and howlerjs or flump, and with the Haxe and HaxeDevelop environment. Thanks for their great work.

"Even while we play, envious time has passed" (Horace the Cat)