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"Weather Report" (2015-07-02)
(butterfly effect : make the buds bloom,
in order to turn the storm into a shiny sky)

Meteorological interactions added : open flowers to progressively appease the skies, and get the "Everyday Sunshine" medal ;)

A stormy ambient has been modelized. Several geometric experiments, some graphic and sound DIY, and here is my stormy forest ^^

The "Weather report" level is a prototype built to test the meteorologic engine. I also try to evaluate the complexity, the game situations potential and the score thresholds to earn the "Lotus". Well, the topology is rather simple but all put together, I feel that the situation is too complex, ... it's a good test.

I also have worked on sounds integration. With Butterfly, I use a sound layers engine to give a sylvan feeling. During the storm, you won't hear a living thing. When the sun comes back, you can hear animals sounds again. I really like to adjust this kind of details, I hope it participates well to the overall atmosphere.