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User Interface 2 (2015-06-22)
(navigate though game menu,
play cloned demo levels)

2nd iteration about the game user interface :
• earn medals when you achieve special tasks ;)
• game engine back into a full dev game flow

A medals mechanism is introduced. The first one is a "palm" you can earn when you cure all the foliages in a level. I plan to add more rewards like this you can collect along levels, I believe it's a good tool to add variety and lots of other funny things ;)

The select screen has new game features. I designed functional mini cards with game elements in order to recall your progression and the environment. The whole user interface has been updated, according to game features such as in-game pop-up in order to display medals.

I've also had the opportunity to polish and optimize the interface, i.e.: score threshold to unlock a lotus, earn fx, adjust content when swapping from portrait to landscape, ...

This iteration required me to setup some edition processes, and thus clarifying more and more the game design. It also caused me some concerns about memory, but now it runs ok on mobiles and desktops ;)

I plan to use this tool in order to stage the next game mechanisms I will experiment. I'm eager to build a pool of sand box levels ! ... step by step ;)