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Scripted woods (2015-07-09)
(butterfly effect : make the buds bloom,
in order to cure the woods)

This level prototype is focused on the user progressive experience. I would like to propose some chained actions to solve, so that it would help the player to experience the impact of his gameplay. The pace of the discovering needs to be regulated : from linear progression in order to catch the player's attention to maze levels, or from simple to complex cause/effect relations.

Before adding further game features, I needed to generalize my activation processor ! :) In the Butterfly game, you can interact locally on a group of game elements through flowering. I call this mechanism "group cure". There's also a global effect on the weather. Finally, the weather also influences the "group cure", unlocking some interactions along the global progression.

So, the activation (weather/cure) now runs for almost everything, including the buds. This gives a good palette of combinations to compose levels ;) I've built some edition processes in my level editor so that I could design chains of consequences ... preparing stuffs for the level design iterations, my favourite ones ^^

Some optimizations, adjustments of the player physics, the camera behaviour to compensate the HUD ...

Anecdote : While I was working on paper design, my sister's kitten swallowed a bone. This cat is so wild, I brought him to the veterinarian, we manage to cure him but what's the hell he gave us ! While we were waiting, I had those "post-it" in my pocket, so let's make this time profitable ^^ ... sweet little gremlins ^^'