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The Cure (2015-06-11)
(Click/Touch the screen to move the butterfly
and to flower the buds.
Chain up to improve the score.
Harvest the drops of nectar
to complete the level)

Now that I have the core assets and mechanisms, it's time to gather the whole and to build an advanced prototype. It's a good opportunity to compare and adapt the game engine to a wider pool of devices.

The pace has been appeased, according to the soft butterfly flight. Some simple adjustments, like the wing flapping behaviour contribute to contemplative value.

The gameplay is aimed to be very tolerant, but I want to keep a simulation feeling, with some little skills situations. I would also favor light exploration / reflexion situations.

I test the average size of the levels. This one is bit tiny, as we need more space to breathe, but I want a short experience, with a couple of simple situations to go through, quickly rewarding.

Some new core game mechanisms are introduced. The flowering has an effect on the environment, it cures the leaves and it removes the brambles.

I plan to use some story/drama component, a motivation that encourages the player to solve the game. The "cursed forest" elements give keys for the plot ;)

I focused on effects to highlight game features. Some generative algorithms help me to design the brambles, or the "fluid" effect of the nectar. I hope it's efficient and smart.

This build has also been worked so that it runs on most devices. Thanks to the "Mother's Day in Bloom" game release, from the cheap office laptop to a Mac, a 3GS iPhone, or a powerful Samsung Galaxy S5, the Vega engine does its job ;)

Well, I spent some hard time to optimize and also I had to accept compromises regarding quantity and quality.