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"Say it with Flowers" (2015-05-25)
(Rollover the buds to make them bloom,
chain up the flowers to improve your score,
harvest the nectar to complete the level)

Here is a complete demonstration of the core game mechanisms for Butterfly. Try to do the best score, and win all the Golden Lotus ;)

Since my previous iteration, a lot of work has been done ^^ I needed to create some graphical and sound assets, and evaluate their integration into my game engine

To bring some consistency to the chain mechanism, a pop-up is fired at the end of each chain. There are 7 levels of chain, and for each one there is a special funny message ;) I also use a generative technique based on a fractal in order to draw a background growth effect

I did some new experiments with particle behaviours. It gives an overall impression of dynamism and helps to understand some focused mechanisms : earn points after a chain, nectar collection

I test a new direct drawing effect in order to represent the nectar in game. It's based on a previous experiment with the "Spirograph" geometric transformation. I wanted something that recalls a fluid, with an appealing animation. I hope you'll enjoy ;)

To complete the game flow, once you have collected all the nectar, a gameover screen rewards your harvest.

It helps me to lay some foundations for what follows ;) Your best score is saved for this level, and you can unlock 3 Golden Lotus. For now, I worked on some rewarding effects on this screen (sounds and visuals). A grove of flowers is growing there, the ones you opened during your game play ;)

This ends my iterations on chains, I should now integrate everything and adjust it for a butterfly ^^