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♪♫ Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do ♫♪ (2015-05-13)
(Rollover the buds to make them bloom,
quickly chain the flowers to improve the growing)

In this second iteration, I worked on visual and sound effects to bring some consistency and dynamism to the chains / combo

I encountered some performance issues with the particles / score effects. Finally, an optimized technique is used : effects are drawn into a single bitmap. It is quite effective, but the rendering quality needed to be drastically lowered. The animation is quite dynamic, so I hope it would be ok :)

The chain progression is also exemplified by the major scale (Do Re Mi ...). Well, this is a "classical" method, but I really enjoy it, it reminds me of an 80s game I loved : Digger <3

There is a "shake" behaviour on flowers of the chain. Well, my chain cycle isn't complete, so things may not appear consistent yet. I bring all together step by step ;)

A replay button is added into the help and quit menus. I didn't want to overload the HUD, but this function is a "must have"