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Butterfly, give yourslef flowers !

You steer a butterfly who flutters in woods. Make the groves bloom in order to harvest the precious nectar, and to cure the forest.

Butterfly is a poetic simulation accessible to all, for mobile / web / desktop.

Prototype : follow and support indie game dev at Slide DB <3

Butterfly, "Scripted activation" (2015-07-09)

Level prototype focused on scripted mechanisms. Make the buds bloom, in order to cure the woods.

Meteorological interactions (2015-07-02)

Open flowers to progressively appease the skies, and get the "Everyday Sunshine" medal. Try the butterfly effect in this new level prototype.

User Interface 2 (2015-06-22)

Butterfly game back into a full dev game interface. Harvest nectar and collect medals ;)

Cure the trees (2015-06-11)

A prototype focused on the core player activity : flower the buds, harvest nectar.

Some new features are introduced, the flowers can cure the foliages, and clear the path from brambles.

Butterfly 1st prototype registered on Slide DB (2015-04-16)

An environment study with some trees, interactive flowers and a butterfly, embedded into a game user interface.

This early demonstration is focused on the general game flow.