Bumpy! (2017-01-22)
Touch to Bump! Reach a highest Wave :)

Global Game Jam 2017, team :
2D ARTIST : Caroline Arrondelle
UI ARTIST : Julia Vereenoghe
CODE : Mathieu Anthoine
CODE : Nicolas Vereenoghe
SOUND DESIGN : Virgile Lefebvre

The theme is "WAVES". We only have a few minutes to build a game concept. Ideas pass, and the design of a bouncing character over waves takes shape. First Jam for most of us, but we used to work together before, efficiency OK ;)

Less than 48 hours to build a good game prototype. We had hope, despair, and then light again ^^ It was very intense to share, few sleep, but in the end, we built this so awesome game :)

I hope Bumpy! is a convincing proof of game concept ^^ We have lots of ideas or adjustments in our minds, but you know, Game Jam's time runs so fast ;)

We used Haxe and HaxeDevelop environment.
The game is built for web browsers with pixijs.