Birds (2014-10-25)

You head a bird, and help it to gather other birds. The bigger is the swarm that you form, the more the skies unveil their mysteries.

Relax yourself, toy freely with the V-shaped formations. Birds is a poetic experience, a ballet through an ethereal sky.

The gameplay is easy and intuitive :
On a mobile device, tilt the screen in order to drive your bird. Touch for pause.
With a mouse, your bird flies toward the direction of the pointer. Click for pause.

The birds become more agile, as you reveal sounds and decors. You also progressively unblock the interactive artwork on the home page. Try to catch them ;)

Play it for free on Android, or Windows desktop, or on an Adobe Flash compatible web browser.

Birds is an indie game, made by two aficionados. Thanks for your support, please write a full stars review on the store <3

Credits :
V Prod. ( Nicolas Vereenoghe, Julia Vereenoghe alias Sixtits)

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