Welcome to Vega workshop !

Hi, I am Nicolas Vereenoghe, I am an indie mini-game designer and Vega workshop is where I share my toys :)

As a freelance game developper, and with the Yamago and GlobZ game studios, I've been working on dozens of quality games, for great cartoon and toy companies, like Cartoon Network or Lego.

Here I propose my creations, with my own materials. Building a video game is a long and risky journey. But hey, it's for the best, it's for fun :) I like to share mini-game experiences, with some contemplative value. I hope you'll enjoy ^^

With the Sixtits artist, we have founded the V Prod. association. She's doing a great job as a game artist !


I am located in Paris, France. Send me a message on my gmail.com account, it's nico.vereenoghe, say hello :)

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Collide (2017-02-06)

Repel waves of antimatter, with the power of light! :D

Multi-touch gameplay demo. Share your screen with a friend ;)

Bumpy! (2017-01-23)

Bump the waves! Play this cute tiny demo <3

Global Game Jam 2017, at ISART Digital school, with some friends from Yamago <3

Cycle (2016-10-30)

Staging test, at molecular scale. Color palette and view of a game situation. Explore the eternal wheel.

Carpe Diet (2016-10-01)

The cat jumps on platforms to rapidly collect fish. Try to build your longest chain, and earn medals. Browser game for mobile & desktop

I am glad to release this new game. I moved on new technologies, I worked on game experiments and, at this moment, I have lots of projects, which is nice.

Ground Control to Major Cat (2016-07-03)

Touchpad gameplay prototype. Steer Major Cat in climbing scaffoldings

Geometric Nymphéas (2016-05-28)

Lilies and ripples upon a pond. Happy Mothers' Day :)

"Sky is clear tonight" (2016-05-22)

Fly above the skies, straight to the horizon. A demo about modeling and manipulating some vanishing point effects

Frame the bully cats (2016-05-08)

A demo of platformer cats' animations

"New-York USA" (2016-04-24)

Prototype of a game navigation interface

"Oh! C'est haut!"

Grid, inkblot test (2016-04-19)

Reveal your psychology with level design. Play with a prototype of game editor <3

"Living for the City" (2016-04-04)

Simple urban scene using HTML5 (Haxe + pixi.js). Nightfall, time for some tests, and some cats ^^

Butterfly, Scripted woods (2015-07-09)

Level prototype focused on scripted mechanisms. Make the buds bloom, in order to cure the woods.

Butterfly, "Weather Report" (2015-07-02)

Meteorological interactions added : open flowers to progressively appease the skies, and get the "Everyday Sunshine" medal ;)

"Stormbringer" (2015-06-28)

An experimental thunderstorm toy. Unleash the fractal alchemy, or relax while the storm passes ;)

Butterfly, A Selection (2015-06-22)

User interface upgraded, harvest the nectar and earn medals ;)

Cure the trees (2015-06-11)

Butterfly is back to the game, new ecosystem features for the Vega engine ! Try this advanced prototype ;)

Happy iOS Mother's Day in Bloom ;) (2015-06-04)

I'm so glad to release Vega's first iOS App !

A new update has already been published, and should be available on iOS for the Mammendag (Mother's Day in Luxembourg)

A Twig of Arpeggios ♫ ♪ (2015-06-03)

Try this experimental toy to generate geometric musical twigs ♫ ♪

Happy Mother's Day in Bloom ! (2015-05-31)

In tribute to this celebration of life, Vega prepared a lovely bouquet of interactive blooms, with some special Mother's Day cards, "Mamma Mia" ;)

"Waltz of the Flowers" (2015-05-25)

Chain up flowers, harvest the nectar. Try this mini-game prototype, do your best score and win the 3 Golden Lotus ;)

"Spirograph" (2015-05-19)

A funny experiment with some animated particles. Play the morph effect on the spirals, and build your own funky effect ^^

I'm So Excited (2015-05-16)

• MacBook : repaired
• iPod touch : paid
• Apple fees : paid
• Code : compiled

At last, I can test my work on iOS ! Everything runs smoothly :)

Soon, Vega workshop on App Store ;)

Casual flowers effects (2015-05-13)

Second iteration on the flower chains/combo mechanism. Try this musical demo, play ♫ ♪ Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do ♫ ♪

Flowery chain (2015-05-06)

Integration test of flower assets : play this demo level, try to chain flowers ;)

Math.log( flowers); (2015-05-01)

My flower formulas are adjusted, here is a demo with a full set of flowers ^^

"In Bloom" (2015-04-25)

As a result of my works on fractals, here is a flowery interactive sprite sheet for the Butterfly project ;)

'bout my starry generation (2015-04-21)

I am doing some research on a fractal mechanism, here is a demo from another world ;)

Vega missions (2015-04-18)

I am always looking for new game projects opportunities. Please review my Linkedin profile

You can also review my currivulum vitae here

Thanks for sharing ;)

Butterfly Network (2015-04-16)

The Butterfly project is now registered on Slide DB. Please, follow and support indie game dev

You can also follow @VegaWshop on twitter

"Kongretulation" (2015-04-14)

Birds is now on Kongregate gaming website too ! ^^

Have fun and support indie mini-game with a review <3

Butterfly game interface 1 ^^' (2015-04-13)

I've just finished my first round on Butterfly user interface

There will be some scoring mechanisms, thus I designed some contents to display the score

Here is a snapshot ;)

Go With The Flow (2015-04-11)

The Butterfly project makes me refine my work on generic interface. I completed my game flow template

Updated version of my default skin ^^

In your Facebook ;) (2015-04-07)

I found out how to host games in order to play on Facebook. Now Vega workshop has its page !

I will post my experiments, please support Vega, "Like" the page <3

Game with Butterfly Wings (2015-04-02)

I opened a new "GAMES" section to share my next butterfly project

Still in an early prototype stage, things progress along iterations ;)

Mobile mini-game interface (2015-04-01)

I built a generic game interface. The game flow is simple, and it helps me to easily put game levels together

Some technics and user experience design, I hope it's smooth enough ;)
(april fish inside)

A Forest (2015-03-23)

I put my previous materials together, and here is a work on a game environment. I polished it to some level so that I can validate the technic and the staging

Welcome to my forest ;)

Spring is coming 2015-03-19)

A technical work brought me on flowers, spring is on the road ;)

Trees experiment (2015-03-14)

I'm working on a vanishing point effect. Here is an intermediate work

Butterfly effect (2015-03-07)

I plan to build an environment with a skew effect. Meanwhile, here is an experiment

Environment study (2015-03-03)

Another experiment about our next game with V Prod.

News from the squids (2015-02-03)

V Prod. is working on an ecosystem game

I will publish some experiments around this game

The first one, have fun

Pimp my space web site :) (2014-10-24)

New skin / design for Vega workshop. I also produced some visuals that may serve as splash screens for Vega creations

Many thanks to Sixtits for her wise advice ;)

Release of Birds in Google Play ! (2014-10-19)

The birdcage opened, the game goes public on Android

Tilt the screen to play with birds ;)

V Prod. is pleased to share this creation for free. We are two aficionados, thank you for supporting us, try Birds and let a good review with 5 stars please <3

New Labo section ! (2014-10-14)

I will post some free experiments there. I begin with a little work on fractal behaviour. Try it, or download it for free